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Elenco - Snap Circuits RC Snap Rover Kit

This Elenco Snap Circuits RC Snap Rover SCROV10 kit features colorful parts that snap together for easy assembly. The wireless remote allows easy control, and the headlight and red and blue side lights allow your child to perform covert night missions.
Code: DA-10497
Manufacturer: Elenco
Price: 78 $

What's Included

  • Elenco Snap Circuits RC Snap Rover
  • Wireless remote
  • Owner's manual

Product Features

Snap-together construction

Lets your child build a remote-controlled rover for hours of fun.

Wireless remote

Allows your child to steer to the rover.

Headlight and colored side lights

Along with sound effects and colorful moving gears for an entertaining experience.

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    2 years limited
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