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The sky's the limit when you find the right aerial drone for you. You find a great assortment here, plus get some help with your selection.

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Perform tricks and rolls with this pack of two Sky Rider micro drones. They move up to 98 feet away for increased fun, and four top propellers lift them high in the air. These Sky Rider micro drones come with two controllers, so you can play alone or with a friend.
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Capture videos and images from the air with this Protocol Dronium One drone. Quad-copter maneuvering lets this drone fly in left/right, up/down or backward/forward patterns, and motion-sensitive stabilizers keep it upright while it flies. This Protocol Dronium One drone comes with a 1.3-megapixal HD camera to increase the quality of your film projects.
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Snap pictures from above with this Protocol Dronium Two drone. It comes with an HD camera and motion-sensitive auto stabilizers for capturing clearer photos. Durable materials help prevent crash damage during flight mishaps, and the 2GB memory of this Protocol Dronium Two drone lets you capture up to 800 photos or 30 minutes of video.
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Get a bird's eye view with this Galileo Stealth droid. Touch-sensitive controls let you keep the drone steady with minimal effort, increasing the quality of any video you capture. A USB cord attached to your computer is all you need to charge this Galileo Stealth droid's battery before each flight.
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With multidirectional controls and motion-sensitive stabilizers, this Protocol Neo-Drone 6182-4E mini RC drone offers nimble, precise navigation for exciting entertainment. The 2.4GHz remote lets you perform aerial combination moves like 360° flips.
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Let your child experience high-flying fun with this Protocol Slipstream 6182-3M radio-controlled mini quad-copter, which features motion-sensitive electronics that let him or her execute banked turns, 360° flips and other combination maneuvers.
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Invigorate your inner child with this Protocol TerraCopter RC drone. Four wheels let you operate this drone on the ground, and it takes to the air when you opt to control its four blades. A remote with an LCD screen provides easy navigation, and durable material helps prevent damage to this Protocol TerraCopter RC drone from hard impacts.
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Take HD videos with this VideoDrone AP drone. It has automatic stabilization so you can capture video footage that isn't shaky, and sensitive controls make it easy to position the drone for the best footage. The battery on this VideoDrone AP drone is easily charged with a USB charging cable and power source.