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The sky's the limit when you find the right aerial drone for you. You find a great assortment here, plus get some help with your selection.

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Keep your GoPro Karma in the air with this extra battery. One charge provides up to 20 minutes of use, letting you extend flight time.
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Fly your GoPro drone confidently with these Karma propellers. Their design makes these propellers highly efficient, giving you smoother, quieter flight than standard propellers. Use this pack of two clockwise and two counterclockwise Karma propellers as a replacement kit for your Karma drone, and install them easily with the color-coded guide.
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Pilot your Karma Drone with this GoPro Karma controller. It lets you manage both the flight and camera actions, and its ultrabright touch-screen display provides a clear image of the environment for optimal control. This GoPro Karma controller includes a built-in tutorial and flight simulator to help you learn how it works.
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Revamp your quadcopter with this GoPro Karma Core replacement drone. It provides complete replacement of a damaged Karma drone and includes the main body, landing gear and four arms. This GoPro Karma Core replacement drone works with the original controller, battery and stabilizer so you can confidently fly and shoot aerial scenes.
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Karma captures amazingly smooth GoPro footage in the air, handheld or body mounted.
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Take aerial shots with this GoPro Karma drone. Its Karma Stabilizer lets the included HERO5 Black action camera capture shake-free videos, while the Karma Grip provides reliable stabilization for handheld and mounted filming. The game-style controller with an integrated touch display makes Karma easy and fun to fly.